Happy Halloween! To celebrate the end of its festival run, we’re putting Reverb online for free.

Enjoy it here.



It’s been a year of success for our horror flick Reverb! Proud to announce it was an official selection of The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, The Boonies International Film FestivalThe Gettysburg Film Festival and The Macabre Film Festival.



A few great reviews for Reverb from Unsung Films, Slaughter Films  and Cryptic Rock Magazine.



The premiere for Reverb is December 20th, 2014 at Chaplin’s Music Cafe in Spring City, PA. The event will feature several short films directed by Philadelphia area filmmakers. Tickets may be purchased here!



The trailer for Reverb will be playing at the Venice Island Performing Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA on November 20th, 2014. It will be featured before the premiere of Amy Frear’s new film, Another Time. Tickets are available online or at the door.



Conscious has just been announced as an Official Selection of the 7th Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival! We will be screening at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts on Th, June 26th at 8:00PM. Many thanks to the folks at PIFF and Filmadelphia ❤



REVERB is wrapped and in the can. Stay tuned for updates.




Happy Holidays! Kharybdis Films is announcing its next project, a short horror movie, REVERB. Production is set for May, 2014 in St Peter’s Village, PA

Bunny Slippers 1


The official Philadelphia area premiere for Plugged Conscious has been set for Sunday, November 3rd at Temenos Retreat Center in West Chester, PA. Tickets can be purchased online at the Kharybdis Merch Store or at the door. Please note that seating for this event is limited.

premiere flyer final 2


Another set of festival laurels for Conscious. We will be screening at the NJ State Film Festival in Cape May, NJ from October 25-27th. Conscious will be screening along side Oscar nominated film, Beasts of the Southern Wild on Saturday evening at 9:30 PM.


Congratulations to the cast and crew of Conscious! It is an official selection at the The Boonies International Film Festival this year!


Happy new year! Post production has begun on Conscious.


It’s a wrap! Plugged Conscious is in the can! Thank you to all the amazing cast/crew members


Time to make a movie.


Today is the big casting day for Plugged Conscious. We’re excited to meet everyone at Plays and Players Theatre in Philadelphia.


Project Plugged Conscious has begun it’s fundraising campaign. You can check it out here

Thank you to The Boonies International Film Festival for making Pisces an official selection of its 2011 lineup!


Feature length film, Plugged Conscious enters pre-production stages. Estimated production date (s) are September-October, 2011.

Plugged Conscious

Two short films. One theme.

Plugged    /  Dark Comedy

Clifford and Tess have been tugging on the fine line between love and hate for years. Tess tugs, Cliff grudges and the emotionally dead couple is comfortable with the cyclical arrangement. When a series of psychosomatic symptoms cobwebs both Tess and Cliff’s bodies, fate demands a new perspective on their prudent lives.

Conscious  /  Neo Noir- Thriller

Unspeakably sincere Ramona makes friends in the strangest places. Despite her remarkable intuition, the embryonic empath falls victim to a violent crime after befriending some questionable individuals.