Reverb Press

2/27/15-  A Short Review: Reverb

1/19/15- Unsung Films- Reverb 

1/14/15-   Reverb Movie Review from

12/13/14Chaplin’s to Host “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

9/23/14–  Reverb- A Short Horror Film by Samantha Paradise

Plugged Conscious Press

3/26/14 Victim’s Rights Conference in Holyoke, MA (featured film: Conscious)

12/1/13-  Rogue Cinema Movie Review of Conscious

11/23/13- Film Threat Movie Review of Conscious

4/2/13The Whit: Profile on Production Assistant Kevin Gordon

Pisces Press

11/21/09– The Phoenixville Phoenix: Pisces Filmed on Set at Spring City’s Chaplin’s Music Cafe

4/22/10– Main Street West Studios: Radio Eris Appears on “Pisces” Soundtrack

8/6/2010– The Daily Local News: Area Filmmaker Premieres Pisces

7/28/2010– Phoenixville Phoenix: Local Film to Premiere at World Cafe Live

7/27/2010– The Tri County Record: Former Twin Valley Student Directs Film